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The Siberian weather couldn’t chill our enthusiasm for World Book Day on the first day of March. Though we decided to postpone dressing up as our favourite literary characters for a less snowy day, there was no shortage of reading activities throughout the day.

There was a literary scavenger hunt, teachers shared extracts from their favourite book, assemblies, riddles on reading, and more. Our intention was not only to have students become more aware of what they may like to read, but also to raise money to bring in new additions to our library of the books that students want to read.

English teacher, Miss Elson said “We want our pupils to discover and explore the pleasures that reading can bring, and develop their imaginations and vocabulary.”

At our Inclusion Unit pupils read both fiction and history, covering Jane Eyre,  the Treaty of Versailles and the history of the Weimer Republic. Our head of Chemistry, Miss Chatzisymeonidou (pictured) brought in her favourite science books, and read extracts from her favourite work of fiction, Mark Twain’s ‘The Diaries of Adam and Eve.’

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