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Wisepay is our online payment system that allows parents to pay for their children’s meals and residential trips without needing to use cash or cheques. You will need login details from the school to setup your account but once this is done you will be able to pay into the account and check on the funds and expenses incurred at any time.

This is linked to our finger print payment service for meals. Every time your child purchases a meal this is deducted from the Wisepay account. We ask parents to keep their Wisepay account topped up so that the money is paid in advance to allow your child to access the meals service.

School residential trips are also paid through Wisepay. This gives you a clear view of your balance at any time.

For any enquiries or concerns ring the finance office on 0208 981 2680.

Access your Wisepay account via this link – Wisepay login