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Thanks to staff and parents for a really successful Year 6 Transition Day.  It was really good to meet you and your amazing children!  Pupils attended classes in: Computer Science, English Literature, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Astronomy.  They learnt about how to programme a robot; nineteenth century poetry; factors, multiples, HCF and LCM; the structures of nettles; electricity; bunsen burner flame tests and telescopes.

Our interim principal Mr Taylor introduced the students to his favourite text about education, Plato’s ‘Republic’ and the allegory of the cave.  We hope every student knows how to get out of the cave or at least they can start in September!

We appreciate you may have further questions before starting in September, so we are running a Parent Q&A this Wednesday at 6.30pm where you can ask questions to myself and members of the leadership team.

Zoom details:

Meeting ID: 860 9240 9429

Passcode: 4jBK4X

Please let us know how you felt the morning went on Saturday.  If you have any feedback we’d love to hear it.  We would like to share any positive feedback and may at some point use your comments as quotes on the web site in the near future as it’s great to hear from happy parents!

Email myself or

We also welcome any other feedback and will be happy to respond promptly.  (Please use the same email addresses above.)

A polite reminder that we have some uniform supplies at school.  Please email Ms Chaudhry with your enquiries:

I’m looking forward to seeing you in September – keep your eyes on the website for key dates.

Vanessa Mamona

Head of Year 7