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ELSS Sixth Form

To know the mind of God
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ELSS Sixth Form – to know the mind of God

Welcome to the East London Science School Sixth Form. Our aim is to create the scientists and engineers of the future. Whether you are interested in computer science or medicine, you should consider us as your first choice. We are growing fast. Join us and be part of the future.

Since we opened in 2018, our first cohort have left to study subjects from physics to computer science at some of the best universities in the country. Our students have excelled in subjects as diverse as history and philosophy. But our core offer remains mathematics and the sciences including computer science. Economics is very popular, with a small but strong group of English students. All of our students are ambitious and work hard to achieve their goals.

Science is taught in specialist laboratories with a strong emphasis on experimental work. Our team of teachers are experts in their subjects and inspire students with their deep understanding of the subject. There is no doubt our teaching will get the most out of every student.

We expect all our pupils to study A-level mathematics. Mathematics is the language of science and success in this subject means our students will succeed in whatever they choose to do in higher education. We offer further mathematics for those who relish the challenge and want to aim at top universities in the sciences and engineering or who want to study mathematics at university.

Apart from mathematics, all students must choose one science subject. They all start with four subjects and most choose to concentrate on the sciences including computer science. However, the two optional subjects are their choice and some students choose a mix of sciences and humanities and arts subjects.

Ambition and hard work are the keys to success at ELSS. We aim to give students the opportunity to go beyond their classroom studies by taking every opportunity open them. We encourage them to arrange work experience and embark on volunteering, including Duke of Edinburgh Award. We encourage sports from football to rowing and work with charities to promote leadership and debating. We have recently been involved in debating pupils from across the country and internationally. We want our students to become confident and successful people who are able to pursue their dreams on the world stage.

We begin the year with a residential trip to the University of Cambridge. We start where we mean to end, at one of the world’s greatest universities. From the start, we are encouraging students to aim high. At the same time, we are proud of our pastoral care. We support our students along this journey. The aim is always to get the most out of every student.

As Stephen Hawking put it, we can all aim “to know the mind of God”. We hope you will decide to join us on this journey of enlightenment.

To find out more about East London Science School Sixth Form visit our website, email or call 020 8981 2680.