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Parental consultation on the RSE (relationships and sex education) at East London Science School

1. This consultation seeks your views on our RSE policy, which will apply across East London Science School from September 2021, in line with requirements from the Department for Education (DfE).

2. In June 2019, the DfE published “Relationships education, relationships and sex education (RSE) and health education” (June 2019). This guidance:

a. Makes it compulsory for all schools to have an RSE policy and to consult parents and carers in the development of that policy.

b. Sets out the topics that need to be taught to pupils by the end of secondary schools; and

c.  Makes changes to the right of parents or carers to withdraw their child from the elements of sex education that are not taught as part of the compulsory national science curriculum.

3.      These and other topics are covered in our RSE Policy and curriculum. The new requirements formalise expectations; however, many of the topics required by the DfE were already taught as part of our Ethics or Science curricula.

4. We aim to consult parents in two ways. Firstly, we will take the opinions and views of our parents and carers via online survey. The link to this survey can be found below. We also aim to meet with parents and carers via a focus group in early September 2021.

5.  We will also consult with our staff body and our pupil body to ensure that both of these groups of people have the opportunity to express their views and opinions, in line with good practice recommendations.

6. The deadline for parents and carers to submit their response to the RSE policy and curriculum using the link below is Friday 23rd July. This allows parents and carers 3 weeks to review the policy and curriculum, in line with good practice recommendations.

7.  We will consider responses to the consultation by Friday 13th August 2021 so that our RSE policy can be approved by the Board of Governors and ready for implementations for the start of the 2021/22 Academic Year, in September 2021.

RSE Policy Parental Consultation

Download RSE policy here