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We are delighted to welcome English teacher Becky Shefford, who joined us at the beginning of the academic year. We asked her to tell us a little about herself. 

“I studied English and History at Exeter University and am deeply interested in how literature and language has changed over the course of time. I wanted to get into teaching to inspire students to read more and to reap the benefits of literature both for educational and personal enrichment.

I enjoy English because I find it fascinating to see the different ways something can be read and the different interpretations that can be made from texts. So far at ELSS, I have come across some incredible minds with fascinating perspectives on the texts we are looking at. Students at ELSS cover a range of subjects including Classics and Ethics and you can see how their knowledge in these areas benefits their reading and performance in English – they often are teaching me new interpretations!

I hope to continue to inspire students at ELSS to read more for pleasure and to think about the cross curricular benefits of the rich education they are getting.”