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Head of Music Mr McPherson reports on a successful Christmas concert. Below, some of our pupils share their thoughts and experiences from the night. 

An oft-used phrase, but in this case most apt; indeed a statement of fact. Moreover, we went even further with the marvels of video camera too! The stage was set, lights were on and pressure to top the last Christmas instalment (2019’s A Not-So-Silent Night) loomed large over the Clock Mill roof, yet the obvious words bursting forth must be ‘what was all the worry about?’ Was this year’s two-hour yuletide festivity a success? Never in doubt!

If you’re reading these words in a state of confusion, you obviously were not here with us at 6:30pm on Thursday 9th December for the show-stopping event of ELSS’s Autumn term, namely Jingle Bow Bells. Opening with the traditional Once in Royal David’s City, as if broadcast from King’s College (Cambridge), whilst Walking in the Air towards the usual evergreen concluding carols, time was even made for Santa Claus to drop in! Of course, such an extravaganza promised music (solo, group, choral) that catered for every possible taste, even proclaiming the Christmas message in German (Stille Nacht) and Latin (Veni, Veni Emmanuel); no mean feat for sure!

For all the young talent being nurtured here as we rebuild from the Covid lockdowns, mere words cannot express justly the unanimous standing ovation afforded to our most senior musician (Year 13’s Jane Kidza), who blew us all away with the perpetuum mobile that is the finale of Beethoven’s mighty Moonlight Sonata. How did we top that? We didn’t, but equalled it in atmosphere with the audience being hoisted to their feet to join in, again and again, with “FIVE GOLD RINGS”. The hall at Clock Mill has never before echoed so much joy and exhilaration.

A truly memorable musical feast for all involved – until next time…

“The Christmas concert was definitely the best thing from this year! If I could re-live it again, I would in a heart-beat!!”

“I remember that I was incredibly nervous for my solo piece; it was my first ever time performing by myself on stage. After plenty of encouragement from teachers and friends, I was able to perform, and I feel that I did really well. It was also really great fun performing with my friends as well as in the choir. Listening to everyone perform was incredible. The atmosphere on the night was truly magical (if a little sweaty!), and the concert overall was just spectacular.”

Ruby Caldarone

Year 10 Darwin

“Music concerts are one of the most fun things we do here at ELSS!”

“It took an hour to untangle the fairy lights leading up to the show, but yet so much laughter backstage and beforehand, with some silly and others emotional and nervous. All in all, such a fun experience!”

Amelia Court

Year 10 Einstein

“Every moment was captivating. I enjoyed every second of it and wish would last longer!”

“This was my first ever concert. I felt nervous at first, but when I went on stage, I felt as if I was bonding with the audience. I loved everything about it and I went home feeling proud. I also did a solo, and for the first time I felt the music and the audience did too! My experience was truly magical and I absolutely cannot wait for the next concert!!!”

Zaara Iqbal

Year 7 Meitner

“Festive and fun!”

“The concert was so festive and fun. Everyone was dancing and having a good time. The hall was full of people and good spirits. It was one of the best, and most spectacular concerts I have ever been to, and I think that everyone in the audience would agree!”

Samirah Miah

Year 8 Franklin

“I think we did a good show, especially with the choir.”

“I was a bit nervous when I was first backstage. When you are actually backstage, you get more nervous when you know you are next going up. When you are playing, make sure not to mess up while you are playing. When you then go back off the stage, you are not nervous anymore.”

Aleksandr Minko

Year 7 Turechi