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We are thrilled that Head of Classics, Mr Anderson had this excellent piece on designing a Classics curriculum published in the Classics journal Antigone.

“One of the reasons I fell in love with the subject of Classics is its infinite breadth. In no other school subject could I experience the satisfaction of dissecting a complex Latin sentence (ablative absolute embedded inside an indirect statement that somehow led to a result clause via a connecting relative); the beauty of that onion-skin simile in Odyssey 19; the drama of a Ciceronian attack on an isolated Catiline; the headache of those principal parts of φέρω and fero, and my realisation after reading Euripides’ Bacchae that my teenage emotions just needed some catharsis. Now, over a decade later, when I make time for it, still nothing can quite compete with sitting down to a coffee and copy of Hippolytus to lose myself in its timeless agony and exploration of human nature.”

Read the full article here.