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How to apply to ELSS


We invite applications from across London because we are offering a unique opportunity. Applicants should understand we are heavily focused on science and mathematics and keep this in mind when considering to make an application.

Following the advice and guidance below will enhance your application and give you a greater chance of success.

When do applications open?

We are accepting applications online from 1st September 2020.

When do applications close?

We will keep the applications open throughout the summer term. We want to give the widest group of students the chance to apply. We will close applications by Friday 2nd July.

What do I need to complete the form?

The form must be completed online. Please submit the form with all supporting documents uploaded. You will need a mathematics reference from a current teacher and a character reference from a senior teacher who knows you well. These can be submitted as WORD or PDF documents. You are also asked to submit a photo of your passport or other ID if you have it. You can also submit a supporting personal statement if you wish. Everything else can be filled in online.

I’ve made a mistake, can I submit another application?

You can re-submit your application but you may need to clarify why you have chosen to re-submit the application.

Do I benefit from submitting my application straight away?

No! You gain no advantage from being the first to complete the form. We’d much rather you spent the time checking the content and making sure you submit the best application possible. However you must submit your form by the deadline.

Do I need a referee?

Yes. You will need to provide details of two teachers at your current school. This would normally include your year head and the head of the mathematics department. We ask that you submit a written reference from both of these teachers when you submit your application.

When will I know if I’m successful?

We will respond to all applicants by the end of April 2020.

Do you have any tips for making my application stand out from the crowd?

Yes! We do! Please read our guide below…



Top Tip 1 – Research

You should follow us on Twitter and keep up with developments on the website. We are a very active school and it is easy to find out about the kind of activities and opportunities we are providing for pupils and students. You should attend our Open Day to come and see us in the flesh and meet other potential students. We have a distinct ethos and vision which maybe what you have been looking for in a school.

Top Tip 2 – The Personal Statement

If you intend to submit a personal statement, then make it clear why you want to study with us at ELSS. We are passionate about delivering a rigorous scientific education. If you want to mix science with other subjects then look at the list of subjects available and show why those subjects are for you.

Also are you the kind of student who will succeed in the kind of environment that takes academic study very seriously. Are you capable of working hard without the need to be spoon fed. Can you take yourself seriously enough to succeed?

Top Tip 3 – The Application Form/Referees

Make sure that you take the time to ensure that all your contact details are correct especially your email address as this will be our primary method for contacting you. Check and double check the form before submitting it.

There will also be a teacher in your school, usually your head of year with responsibility for providing a reference for you and it’s important to find out who this person is before you provide their details. It is also courteous to ask the teacher whether they will be your referee before inserting their details on to the application form. Again ensure that their contact details are accurate and it must be their school email. We will not accept references submitted from a personal email address.

Top Tip 4 – Predicted Grades

We take a simple approach to predicted grades. We do not believe them. As a result, we will ask you to complete a mathematics assessment in person when you are invited in for an interview. Although your application will not be based on your predicted grades you should be aware that candidates will not be accepted to study on an A-level course with less than a 6 except in highly exceptional circumstances.