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This consent form is for participation in-school testing designed to detect asymptomatic coronavirus cases.

Consent relates to the following groups of pupils as follows:
– For pupils younger than 16 years – this form must be completed by the parent or legal guardian.

Please read the following terms of consent:

  1. I have had the opportunity to consider the information provided by the school, presented in the attached letter and the Privacy Notice on the ELSS website.
  2. In the case of under 16s, I have discussed the testing with my child, and my child is happy to participate. If on the day of testing they do not wish to take part, then they will not be made to do so and consent can be withdrawn at any time ahead of the test.
  3. I consent to having my child having a nose and throat swab for lateral flow tests. In the case of under 16s or pupils who are not able to provide informed consent, I have discussed the testing with my child and they are happy to participate and self-swab (with assistance if required).
  4. I understand that there may be multiple tests required and this consent covers all tests for the below named person.
  5. I consent that my child’s sample(s) will be tested for the presence of COVID-19.
  6. I understand that if my child’s result(s) are negative on the lateral flow test I will not be contacted by the school except where they are a close contact of a confirmed positive.
  7. If the lateral flow test indicates the presence of COVID-19, I commit to ensuring that my child is removed from the school premises as promptly as possible, bearing in mind they may have some anxiety following a positive test result. ELSS will contact you to come and collect your child, they will need to isolate and complete a PCR Test, if that too is positive, please inform us at ELSS and isolate the whole family for 10 days.
  8. I consent that they will need to self-isolate following a positive lateral flow rest result.