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Interim Principal Mark Taylor is extremely proud of the brilliant results of East London Science School’s second cohort of Year 13 students.  “I am incredibly proud of the hard work that our Year 13 students have put into their studies. The results that they have achieved this year, despite all of the tremendous difficulties, are well deserved,” said Mr Mark Taylor.

There are some standout results in the sciences: Abdulle achieved A*, A, A, A in Maths, Economics, Further Maths and Physics. Alim achieved A*, A*, A in Chemistry, Maths and Biology. Cham achieved A*, A, A, C in Chemistry, Further Maths, Economics and Physics. Sharusan achieved A*, A*, A in Computer Science, Chemistry and Maths. Umair achieved A*, A, A in Biology, Maths and Physics. There are also some outstanding results in the humanities where K.C. achieved A*, A*, A in English Literature, History and Latin.

38% of grades were either A* or A and 80% were A* to C. 

“I’m glad that all the work I put in has been reflected in my grades.” – KC Roberts-Clarke

“I’m extremely thrilled!  It’s been a dream to go to university since I was a boy.  It’s the best thing that has happened in my life.” – Mohamed Abdulle – Law at UCL

Head of Sixth Form, Mr Richard Woolfenden, has been the Head of Year for some of the Year 13s since Year 8.  “It is a privilege to have been involved in teaching students on this journey and to see them now leaving us as bright, spirited, independent thinkers who have really begun to hold their own intellectually.  Nimat Islam and Kc Roberts Clarke embody the values and ethos of ELSS and I know they are going to make a big impact on the outside world.  They are going to take degrees in Politics and International Relations (QMUL) and Law (King’s College), respectively.  I will miss them from our debating club and wish them a great future.  East London Science School’s loss is society’s gain.  That’s how it should be.”

“This is an incredibly important moment for our students, many of whom have had to stand on their own two feet intellectually to get themselves to this point. I applaud their efforts and hard work. They are ready for to go to university and make a real impact on the world.  All our staff wish them the best of luck in the future,” stated Mr Taylor.