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School Opening 21st September 2020

All pupils should arrive at school for 11:20am which is the end of morning break. This is in order for us to have Lock Keepers thoroughly cleaned and to update the staff in the morning before pupils arrive.

Year 10 should not attend. year 10 pupils will be told to stay home from Monday until Friday so we can assess if we have contained the potential spread of the virus. As I have explained on the COVID page we have had one positive test case but up to 6 suspected cases in Year10. We are keen to reduce the chances of transmission to a minimum. All pupils who have had close contact with the girl who has tested positive have been directly contacted and told to get a test. No other positive test cases have been reported in the staff or pupils across the school.

We are operating are Contingency Plan to reduce the risk of transmission within the school. You can read this on the COVID page of the website.

I will put further updates on the COVID page and update the website daily as we deal with this emergency.

Online assignments will be set for all pupils including those told to isolate. These will start from Monday. We will do our utmost to ensure the education of the children is not badly affected by these necessary measures. 

Please get in touch if you are unclear or need assistance.

David Perks
East London Science School