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On Saturday 12th June, Mr Anderson, our Head of Classics, competed in a 100 mile race across the South Downs. Despite running in 25 degree heat, he managed that huge distance in 18 hours 48 minutes, finishing in 15th place. Staff and pupils enjoyed tracking his progress throughout the day.

Mr Anderson said this about his experience:

I’ve run ultramarathons for 6 years now but I’d never attempted this distance before, so when I set out, my primary aim was to finish. I’m very happy with how the race went, as I was able to eat and stay hydrated throughout and keep up a steady pace right until the finish. It was a hot day but the views from the South Downs were amazing and my crew made sure I stayed cool with lots of half melted ice creams and watermelon. There were some pretty rough patches at mile 55 and 75 where I was struggling to eat but these soon passed. The support from staff and pupils at ELSS was amazing and I’m already planning to enter another one.

The race video can be watched below, with a quick appearance for Mr Anderson at 27 seconds.

Still some energy to smile at mile 77.

Sunset at mile 85.


The finish line at 11.30pm.